by Weakness

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5 track demo that we recorded in about two days.


released February 2, 2013

Thanks to Juan Cantu for being a dude.



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Weakness Austin, Texas

Three friends from Texas who enjoy making punk music together. Our first couple of releases we had a female vocalist. However, she quit the band so now we are a three piece.

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Track Name: PCB 93
History may repeat itself
Replaying our favorite tragedies
Missing the point
Without an end
We are destined to punishment
Forever a victim to an undigested crime
We cannot let ourselves, not again
(Days go by, we lose one another. Days go by, the ones we care for they're lost all together)
What we cannot see, we will not know
I am faithless in all hope
That something will catch me
And if I fall make it fast
I am faithless in all hope
That something will catch me
And if I fall make it fast
Track Name: Find what you love and let it kill you
I let my passion burn
So when flames die and embers cool
I will continue to be, continue to be
“Find what you love, and let it kill you”
And so that my past will not be recollected
As an oppressed memory
Denied of its own will!
The smoke and not the fog
That clears the streets
Like the beckoning of your first born
Id be weighted down by the dirt
Then to live my life under a poisoned crown
Your indifference disgusted me
What is natural? What is new victory?
Track Name: 300/7
“I am alone amongst these happy reasonable voices
All of these creatures spending their time
Realizing, happily that they all agree with each other
In heavens name!
Why is it so important that we think the same things together?”
I am the witness
And I am the man
And Im still asking all the same wrong questions
I am the witness
I am the man
And Im still asking all the same wrong questions
And auguring
Track Name: Justin the Worstki
I run away so fast
Into walls and away
From something
Only to see
I had nothing
Maybe I should
Take back
The things I stole
The things we took away from our city
I’ve thought and felt better
I guess there isn’t too much but
Feel my blood
Let go
Make peace
You know the things that you need
Will leave you permanently
Track Name: Stay Chill
Built on sand
Frame still remains
A form, a shell, a skeleton
You were my foundation
Construction never completed
And vulnerable to the earth
No escape from its claim
A phrase without meaning
and a life without loss
(In between two pillars. To ask me which one to lean on is to ask too much of me)
Cascading sunlight brings life to the empty structure
Fully exposed and aware of its isolation
You were my foundation